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Counselling and Chaplaincy


In this lost and confused world there is an ever-increasing need for Christian counselling and Chaplaincy courses that equip and train competent professionals. The 21st century presents many individuals with a complex array of difficulties that are increasingly hard to navigate; yet our sociological supports are minimal. The helping professions have therefore become vital services and the demand for well-equipped graduates in these fields is increasing.

Our courses are designed and structured to help caring professionals reach out and comfort individuals, couples and families in crisis. The comprehensive syllabus provides knowledge, understanding and skills to provide practical techniques. 

Our counselling and chaplaincy courses equip students to become proficient and influential in their chosen field. 

We offer


Academically credentialled degrees


Available online or in-class


Skills and expertise to help those in need


Undergraduate Certificate in Counselling

One trimester undergraduate degree


Associate Degree of Social Science

Four trimesters undergraduate degree


Bachelor of Social Science

Two years undergraduate degree

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