Associate Degree of Social Degree

An Associate Degree of Social Science is equivalent to the first two years of the Bachelor of Social Science.

Students can graduate with the Associate Degree of Social Science award or continue on and complete the Bachelor of Social Science within a specified time span. The Associate Degree of Social Science could complement other professional studies already gained in areas such as Nursing and Teaching.


Two years full-time or part-time equivalent


Study ministry, theology and counselling


16 subjects


Focuses on skills and theory


Available online or in-class


FEE-HELP eligible

The Associate Degree of Social Science is for students wanting to gain skills and knowledge related to counselling and working with people.

Modes of Delivery

Online or in-class

Entry Requirements

Successful applications will have obtained any prior further education, or an ATAR score of above 65.

Course Load
  • 2 years full-time study, or 4 years part-time
  • Must be completed within 6 years
  • Generally 9 hours per week per subject is required to do well, which includes lectures, readings and assignments.
Suggested Subject Progression

Critical Thinking and Writing Skills
Counselling Skills 1
Spiritual Foundations
Introduction to Marriage and Family Counselling
World Views and Counselling
Human Lifespan Development
Counselling Theories and Practice
Biblical Interpretation

Counselling Skills 2
Grief and Loss Counselling Theory and Practice
Marriage and Family Therapies (Theory & Practice)
Introduction to Psychology
Introduction to Christian Theology
Psychological Disorders

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