Orientation is a program of activities that introduces you to your place of study and the services available to help you find your way around and pursue your studies knowing that you will be supported in your learning and other needs as they may arise. The Orientation program is one of these services.

A list of student services is set out below with an indication of where to find the relevant information on this website or in the Learning Management System, as relevant. The main part of this list of services is available for all students enrolled in awards of the Sydney College of Divinity, to assist you to reach your academic goals and keep you safe and well along the way. For overseas students, additional assistance is available to help you settle into Australia and your local neighbourhood.

For all students, the Student Support Officer for both domestic and international students may always be contacted for any matter of concern at any time.


Contact details:

Winston Cole

Orientation Program

All SCD students commencing their studies, including overseas students, are expected to participate in the Orientation Program arranged for their benefit. Through it you will be offered useful information about academic matters, about how we will support your studies, and how we will strive to make your overall experience while you are with us safe and enjoyable. There will also be an opportunity to ask questions.


Trimester 1 Monday 31st January 2022

Trimester 2 Monday 23rd May 2022

Trimester 3 Monday 12th September 2022


Commencing students intending to undertake their studies completely online are asked to access and read carefully the Orientation program available online, by no later than the first day of the teaching period.

Orientation program available on the College Moodle site

In addition, for overseas students, further Orientation will be provided to assist then to adjust to living and studying in Australia, be conducted in the afternoon of the Orientation Program.


Student Services

Information about SCD Student Services available for all new and current students is available as follows:


Academic risk support


Attendance and progression requirements

Careers and vocations advice



Counselling and chaplaincy

Critical incidents and emergencies

Disability support

Diversity and equity


English language support


Grievances, complaints, and appeals

Health and medical support

IT support

Learning resources

Learning support

Legal support

Library and learning resources

Medical support

Mental health and wellbeing support


Study skills support

Wellbeing support

Personal safety and security


Vocations advice


Additional information regarding Student Services for all new and current overseas students is available as follows:



Adjusting to life and study in Australia

Cost of living

Employment rights and conditions

Orientation for overseas students

Personal difficulties affecting study