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The Australian College of Christian Studies delivers undergraduate and postgraduate courses according to the following:

Australian College of Christian Studies - Undergraduate Awards

Australian College of Christian Studies is the amalgamation of Emmaus Bible College and Tabor Bible College (NSW). Both institutions have a long and rich heritage of preparing their students for overseas or local ministry. Emmaus was established in 1957 and Tabor in 1992.

Emmaus accepted responsibility for the operations of Tabor in December 2010. Both colleges operated independently with a common Board of Governance and an interchange of faculty teaching at both institutions. In late 2014, Tabor College NSW changed its name to Australian College of Christian Studies. In December 2015, the Board commenced the strategic direction to merge the two colleges, with both colleges working toward operating as a single entity from January 2017.

ACCS is registered and accredited as a Higher Education Provider by the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) Australia’s independent national regulator of the higher education sector. The College is also a Registered Training Organisation by the Australian Quality Skills Authority (ASQA) which is the national regulator for vocational education and training.

All ACCS courses satisfy national accreditation principles and lead to qualifications under the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF). Information about the AQF can be found on the AQF website (www.aqf.edu.au).

We are the theological institution for the Christian Community Churches of Australia, and use their Statement of Faith.


The Sydney College of Divinity was formed in 1983 when six theological Colleges in Sydney constituted themselves as a federation with a view to providing an accredited tertiary education award in theology. These colleges became the founding Member Institutions of the Sydney College of Divinity and were committed to a genuinely ecumenical endeavour in which, while retaining their autonomy and ecclesial traditions, they would collaborate with, and support each other, as a College. The Member Institutions have found that our mutual encouragement and accountability to one another as members of the College both enhances the academic standing of our teaching and learning, and strengthens our Christian ministry and witness in Sydney and beyond.

Australian College of Christian Studies is a Member Institution of Sydney College of Divinity and teaches their awards. Three choices are on offer if you wish to reach to the Masters’ shelf: Master of Arts, Master of Theology and the Master of Divinity are available.

ACCS works in Partnership with Perth Bible College WA, which is a second campus of ACCS for the purposes of delivering SCD Postgraduate Awards. If you are interested in studying in Perth, please visit their website: https://www.pbc.wa.edu.au for further details.

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