Undergraduate Certificate in Counselling

An Undergraduate Certificate in Counselling provides students with the opportunity to study for counselling at an introductory level enabling them to gain the foundational knowledge, skills and abilities required commencing serving in a counselling context.

This Undergraduate Certificate will enable students to move toward employment within a community, church or a parachurch context. The award is designed to give a basic introduction to counselling theories and practices to enable students to serve within their field of choice within a counselling vocation.


One trimester full-time or part time equivalent


4 subjects


Available online


FEE-HELP eligible


This course is not available to International Students

Modes of Delivery


Entry Requirements
  • Satisfactory completion of Year 12 in the Australian secondary school system, or the equivalent thereof.
  • Mature age and special entry requirements are available for those who have reached the age of 21 and can show evidence of being able to successfully study at this level (i.e. English proficiency evidence at 5.5 IELTS).
Course Load
  • One trimester full-time or part time equivalent
  • Generally 6 hours per week per subject is required to do well, which includes lectures, readings and assignments.
Suggested Subjects


Counselling Skills 1

Introduction to Marriage and Family Counselling

Counselling Skills 2

Human Lifespan Development

Introduction to Counselling Theories and Practice

Grief and Loss Counselling

Self Care or other approved Counselling Subject


 Study Skills

Critical Thinking and Writing Skills