Beyond A Frozen Life

  Human life is a reality of time.  It is a reality of now. We always live in the present time but constantly placed in between the pressing awareness of the past and future. Past is the awareness of what occurred – memory. Future is the awareness of the not yet...

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It is that time again, the end of another Trimester. Congratulations to all our students who have tried hard, done the best they could, sometimes under difficult circumstances. It is soon to be a time of well earned rest.

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What’s Wrong with Theology Today?

A lecture in contemporary theology commenced with the question: how many of you like theology? The majority responded: “we don’t like it but have to study it.” “Why don’t you like it?” asked the professor.

Challenging comments pooled in. One said, “theology is too critical, suspicious and negative.” Another, “theology is unpractical and abstract.” A third, “theology is boredom with words.” Still another, “theology is not worthy of its name.”

What is wrong with today’s theology?

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