In the Diploma of Theology course, students will study through 8 introduction subjects, covering the basics of reading and interpreting the Bible, as well as relating what you’ve learned to serving more efficiently in your current situation.


One year full-time or part-time equivalent


Study theology, Bible, and ministry


8 subjects


Introductory course


Available online


FEE-HELP eligible

The Diploma of Theology is for students who want introduce themselves to academic study and want something shorter.

Modes of Delivery

Online only

Entry Requirements

Successful applications will have obtained an ATAR score of above 65. Mature age entry also available. 

Course Load
  • 1 year full-time study, or 2 years part-time
  • Must be completed within 3 years
  • Generally 6 hours per week per subject is required to do well, which includes lectures, readings and assignments.
Suggested Subject Progression

Critical Thinking and Writing Skills
Old Testament Introduction
New Testament Introduction
Introduction to Christian Theology
Biblical Interpretation: Theory and Practice
Spiritual Foundations for Christian Life
Christian History
Global Missions or Ministry Practicum


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