The Bachelor of Counselling (Korean) is a three-year or part time equivalent award taught fully in Korean language. This is a comprehensive course where students will learn to explore and integrate biblical and psychological principles, and arrive at a position of readiness and experience that will help clients work through problem issues with a realistic worldview and an increased ability to think, feel and respond in an effective way..

Students develop an understanding of the complex social and cultural issues that challenge every age group. By engaging in and developing counselling knowledge and skills, students will graduate equipped to be a counsellor in diverse contexts, with theoretical and practical skills that are undergirded by a strong Christian ethos

Our counselling courses equip caring students to become proficient and influential change makers in individual lives.


Three years full-time or part-time equivalent


Study counselling, psychology and electives


24 subjects


Comprehensive course majoring in Counselling or Chaplaincy


Available online or in-class


FEE-HELP eligible

The Bachelor of Counselling (Korean) is for students wanting to find careers in counselling.

Modes of Delivery

Online or in-class

Entry Requirements
    • Prospective Korean students’ studying the Bachelor of Counselling (Korean) are expected to have spoken and written Korean appropriate for the pursuit of tertiary studies (Korean High School Graduation). The applicant’s proficiency in this case will be assessed by the Korean Head of Counselling, or
    • Satisfactory completion of an award from a Korean university in the Korean language, or
    • Have proficiency in the Korean language equivalent to level 5, for entry into Undergraduate programs on the 6 level Yonsei University Korean language Test
    • Mature students (21 years or older) are encouraged to contact the Head of Counselling – Korean to discuss the program.
    • All Korean students will be required to complete an English proficiency test at the time of application, unless English language test results can be produced. An interview will be conducted by the Head of Counselling – Korean to ensure suitability for the course.  It should be noted that the Bachelor of Counselling (Korean) is not available to International students.

It is College policy that all written assessments must be submitted via the College’s e-learning site. Students will be required to access ACCS’ online learning portal  – Moodle, students are advised prior to enrolment that computer literacy and computer access are necessary.

Course Load
  • 3 years full-time study, or 6 years part-time
  • Must be completed within 9 years
  • Generally 9 hours per week per subject is required to do well, which includes lectures, readings and assignments.
Suggested Subject Progression

Critical Thinking and Writing Skills
Counselling Skills 1
Spiritual Foundations
Introduction to Marriage and Family Counselling
World Views and Counselling
Human Lifespan Development
Introduction to Counselling Theories and Practice
Biblical Interpretation

Counselling Skills 2
Grief and Loss Counselling Theory and Practice
Marriage and Family Therapies (Theory & Practice)
Introduction to Psychology
Introduction to Christian Theology
Psychological Disorders

Major in Counselling
Counselling Practicum (2 trimesters)
Self Care
Introduction to Group Work
Crisis Intervention/Trauma Counselling
Professional Ethics
Narrative Therapy and Positive Psychology
Addiction Counselling


Graduate Diploma of Counselling (Korean)
Master of Counselling (Korean)

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