The Bachelor of Ministry thoroughly prepares men and women for significant vocations in ministry. Providing both comprehensive ministry skill training, a broad and deep knowledge of Scripture, as well as exposure to a breadth of Christian doctrines, students are encouraged to think critically and thoroughly explore issues.

Degree students delve into systematic Christian studies as well as diversified reading, procedurally focusing on varying areas of ministry. Students learn to use sound principles of biblical interpretation and to apply biblical
principles to specific areas of ministry (e.g. pastoral care, preaching, teaching and leadership), and gain practical experience through a field education placement.


Two years full-time or part-time equivalent


Study ministry, counselling and theology


24 subjects


Comprehensive course


Available online or in-class


FEE-HELP eligible

The Bachelor of Ministry is for students seeking to gain skills for full-time ministry work, and to effective serve in whatever situation they find themselves in.

Modes of Delivery

In-class, virtual or online

Entry Requirements
  • Completion of Year 12 Higher School Certificate with an ATAR result of no less than 60.
  • Mature age (aged 20 and over) entry into undergraduate courses.
  • Portfolio entry is open to school leavers. Portfolio entry is ideal if you are a:
      • school leaver who is not eligible for an ATAR
      • non-school leaver electing portfolio entry or who did not qualify through another pathway.
Course Load
  • 2 years full-time study, or part-time equivalent 
  • Must be completed within 9 years
  • Generally 9 hours per week per subject is required to do well, which includes lectures, readings and assignments.
Suggested Subject Progression
Critical Thinking and Writing Skills
Old Testament Introduction
New Testament Introduction
Introduction to Christian Theology
Biblical Interpretation: Theory and
Spiritual Foundations for
Christian Life
Christian History
Global Missions

Counselling Skills 1
The Art of Preaching
The Character of the Christian
Pastoral Care
Evangelism: Methods and Message
The Nature and Mission of the
Christian Ethics: Issues and Options
Jesus Christ: His Person and Work

Major in Christian Leadership
Ministry Practicum (2 trimesters)
Intercultural Ministry in Australia
Introduction to Sociology and
The Church and the Australian
Management in Christian
Contemporary Issues in Ministry
Special Ministry Elective

Major in Counselling
Ministry Practicum (2 trimesters)
Introduction to Marriage & Family
Human Lifespan and Development
Grief and Loss Counselling
Marriage & Family Therapies
(Theory & Practice)
Crisis Intervention/Trauma

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